Club Fitting

Here at Elea we offer a Club Custom Fitting service where all clubs can be fitted to suit the swing of each individual, our qualified P.G.A Professional is always here to offer advice regarding this service, the ES14 launch monitor gives the information required to enable all equipment to fitted perfectly, for more information click on the link below.

Planeswing Training Aid

The Planeswing training aid is a fantastic way to feel the correct swing plane that you should be on, it is altered to fit each persons very own biomechanical swingplane, it is also greta for building up strength is the muscles needed to produre a powerful and consistent swing.

Handicap Beginners Course

At Elea we offer beginner courses which enable golfers to gain a handicap, during the course all aspects of the game are covered, also included is all equipment, please click here for more information.



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