Male or female, young or old, a complete beginner, high or low handicap, whether you want to improve your golf or just spend time with friends, a visit to the Eléa Golf Academy is a journey of imporvement and enjoyment.


Ladies' golf coaching classes are carried out in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, bringing an understanding approach to improving your golf.
Sessions build on your existing skill-set and mental approach, while introducing understanding and a new approach to your game. The main benefits include:

* Professional golf coaching at fraction of the cost of individual sessions
* Regular slot in the diary to enable you to mix with friends old and new
* A relaxed coaching environment

Regardless of age or ability, you can never stop learning: there is a more consistent golfer inside you. The sessions at Eléa Estate will help release that potential. With golf coaching delivered by highly trained PGA professionals, you can find your own room for improvement to ensure that your skills and approach evolve through the Eléa Estate’s natural learning process. Come with your golfing colleagues and start improving now. The main benefits include:

* Learn new techniques and improve on the skills you already have to become a more complete and competitive golfer
* Regular golf coaching slot in the diary to mix with friends old and new
* Change how you approach the game and learn from a modern yet natural perspective

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