Just ten minutes drive from Elea Estate, the coastal city of Paphos is fast becoming one of Cyprus leading tourist attractions.

Rich in history, Paphos was, in Greco-Roman times, the island's capital, a title it retained for around 600 years.

The archeological wonders of Paphos have lead to it being placed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. Among the many unique sites are a number of intricate Roman floor mosaics - widely considered to be among the most beautiful in the world - depicting scenes from Greek mythology. Other sites of interest include the underground Tomb of the Kings and St Paul's Pillar.

But it's not just ancient attractions that make Paphos so popular; the city also boasts great accommodation, ranging from pocket-friendly apartments to luxury beachside hotels and a number of excellent Paphos golf courses, including Elea's award winning Nick Faldo course.

In terms of entertainment you can enjoy everything in Paphos from an open-air opera to dancing the night away. The city also boasts a wide range of restaurants where you can enjoy local and international cuisine.


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